What does private property insurance do? The insurance contract for property of individuals allows you to pay damages in the event that property is damaged. In the event of an insured event, the losses are reimbursed by the insurance company in proportion to the damage, and in the case of complete loss of property – in the amount of the sum insured.
For example , you insured the decoration of the apartment from the “Gulf” neighbors for 1 million rubles. If, as a result of the insured event, all the finishing works are lost or the recovery is estimated at more than 1 million rubles, the insurance company will pay you 1 million rubles. If the recovery amount is estimated to be less than 1 million rubles, you will be paid the recovery estimate amount.
What can be insured? Apartments, houses, buildings: constructive elements , interior decoration .
Home property. Equipment. Civil liability for damage caused to third parties.
What is the sum insured? The value of the property to be insured, or the amount you would like to receive, in case of loss of your property.
For example, you want to insure the repair of your apartment from the “Gulf” neighbors above. You can determine the insured amount of the entire cost of your repair, or only part of it. In the case of a complete “death” repair from the “Gulf”, you get the amount of money for which you were insured. In case of partial damage to the property, you will receive an amount in the amount of the replacement cost of your repair.
What is the insurance premium (insurance premium)? Insurance premium is a premium that you must pay to the insurance company in order to receive the insured amount in case of an insured event. The insurance premium is determined on the basis of the tariff established by the insurance companies, i.e. percent of the sum insured.
For example, repairs in your apartment (the insured amount) is 1 million rubles. You decided to insure it from the “Gulf” by its neighbors from above, so that in case of an insured event and complete “destruction” of your repair, to receive from the insurance company 1 million rubles. on the restoration of the apartment. Then, if the insurance rate is determined for you at the level of 0.5% , you will have to pay the insurance company an insurance premium of 5 thousand rubles.
What determines the size of the insurance rate (percentage)? The rate depends on the type of property, the probability of risk and the term of insurance.
For example, if you insure a wooden house, which is located among other wooden houses, its insurance against the risk of “fire” will be higher than that of a brick house located in the same place or a wooden house, but located separately. Long-term insurance increases the likelihood of an event, therefore, increases the insurance rate.
What is the payment period? The payment period is a period of time during which you must pay the amount of the insurance premium (insurance premium). The payment period is determined by the insurance contract. The insurance company may give you the opportunity to pay the insurance premium in installments.
For example, you enter into an insurance contract on May 1 and an insurance contract provides for 50% of the installment payment of the insurance premium for a period of 3 months. This means that you can pay 50% at the time of the conclusion of the contract, and 50% within the next three months, but no later than the end of the payment period (ie, no later than July 1).
How to choose an insurance company?
When choosing an insurance company, you should understand that in the event of an insured event, you will have to work closely with it: submit documents, negotiate. Therefore, it is better to choose the organization whose representatives are close by and in the event of an insured event a real person will assist you. It is necessary to record the coordinates of your personal manager (the employee who insured you) and refer to him for all questions. The personal manager must provide you with all the information about the reliability and experience of the insurance company that it represents. You need to ask him about the organization’s rating according to Russian and international standards, as well as independently find out this information on the Internet (on the company’s official website or in rating reviews, for example, on the rating agency’s website
The insurance company must have a valid website and a single free phone number that you can call at any time of the day from anywhere in the country.
Can the insurance company refuse you? According to the internal rules of insurance organizations, insurance is not allowed if buildings and apartments are located in the zone of unfinished construction, landslides, landslides, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters from the moment of announcement or preparation by the competent authorities of the relevant document confirming the threat. Therefore, you need to think about insurance in advance, because in the event of a real threat or the start of construction, insurance companies will have a valid reason to refuse you.