Having a good car insurance policy is a necessity, no exceptions. Irrespective if you drive 100kms a day or simply use your vehicle to go out on the weekends, you need to have your car insured in the event of an accident or theft. Understanding the most common claims (in no particular order) can help you be more aware of what to expect, avoid and how to handle any of the following situations:

The 5 most common car insurance claims
1. Collisions

Collisions are the most common claim complaint submitted. Although there is an unfortunate amount of severe ones, more commonly fender benders and minor collisions are reported to insurance companies. It is imperative that you report any collision to your vehicle insurance company, irrespective of how minor. This is necessary so that the accidents can be differentiated in the future, and so that your company will be able to pay out if there will be any third-party claim.

2. Theft and Hijacking

Alarming National statistics show that there have been almost a million thefts of cars or motorcycles in the last ten years in many countries around the world This unfortunate reality means that losing your motor vehicle to theft is a medium-to-high risk possibility. Having comprehensive car insurance in this instance is most valuable, so that you are not left paying the bank for a car you no longer own, and so that you can get back behind the wheel again.

3. Windshield Damage

Windshields can be costly to repair, and that’s why there are so many insurance claims submitted for windshield replacement each year. A small chip or crack can extend and grow into something much more detrimental. Flying debris such as stones and rocks can easily cause damage to your windshield, as can large hailstones. Find out if your insurer will cover you for windshield replacement, as any hindrance to your visibility could cause a collision.

4. Weather Damage

Many countries around the world have lots of freak weather conditions, so it is not unusual for large blocks of hail to fall from the sky at inopportune times during the year. Large hail can cause bad harm to the body and windows of your vehicle, so it is always wise to check with your insurance company to find out if you will be paid out for unfortunate weather incidents. In addition to hail, flash floods can also lead to an accident, as well as incidents such as lightning hitting a tree which then falls onto your vehicle.

5. Vandalism

Vandalism is an unfortunate reality, whereby vehicles are destroyed using graffiti or other means. Anyone anywhere can be a victim, and the cost of a re-spray to your vehicle can be hefty.

Now that you know the five most common insurance claims for motor vehicles, you will have a handy checklist on hand when seeking quotes to ensure that you will be covered in the event of any of the abovementioned mishaps. It’s also important that you seek compensation from a reputed company so that you cannot be conned.